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The value created through the dialectic no possibility for users is forcing companies to choose whether to actively participate in social media platforms to contribute to the way the product or the brand best seo services company perceived by the consumers. Several studies have been carried out to determine whether it can affect a brand positive or negative consolidation of social media, as both views have their supporters. At article, a survey was conducted withparticipants with data that is necessary existence of brand community and the brand connection with trust and faith. The results showed that the brands were established in social media had positive results in relations between consumer product, consumer brand, consumer company and between consumer and other consumers, which in turn had favorable results in creating confidence and reliability of brand. Also, it has been found that trust for a brand plays a big role in can be converted results of improved relations in the community the brand credibility for the brand itself.

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Plus, the majority of social media trying to include ads vital and active in their content to achieve professional seo company maximum interaction with users and enable them to increase their income, as they become increasingly desirable to advertising sites. As a result, consumers on the platforms of social media overwhelmed by advertising messages and so greatly affected both in terms of purchasing options them, and in terms of the visibility of different brands. According to studies, of the approximately. Billion discussions that take place daily in internet world, almost two thirds of these discussions relate to personal experience on a product, a service or a brand. Also, consumers they believe that social networks are the most reliable source to gain information on products and best seo services company services compared to traditional marketing sources flux, So the rumor that spreads so easily through social media is very important for people engaged in marketing and tend to they exploit as much as possible.

But as the amount of available information on the internet is huge, the corresponding time people for any information is very little. The companies to achieve the attention of users through the internet both for the brand and for each of their products, they choose to create relationships with consumers open communication and strive to maintain them over time. To achieve companies to attract the interest of users and maintain active public already acquired, choose to have in their arsenal of social media to build their brand with consumers rather than trying to to impose the brand with the traditional ways of marketing mitchell, The programs for the marketing in social media usually focus on creating content which attracts attention and encourages readers to share via social networks. Their aim is of course to be satisfactory electronic world of mouth which means that users distributed via the internet for example, social networks, sites, directly messages, news feeds information about an event, product, brand or company. In practice, the social media marketing is the use of networking sites, of blogs and visit info general online communities to enhance web presence and in parallel to the search engine optimization.

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Also, an additional, relatively inexpensive and yet powerful way to increase traffic and even targeted. For these purposes created accounts/profiles, relevant links and posts on sites like facebook and twitter and the public visiting the advertised website by following the links placed so buy the product or informed about the service they desire. In this way optimized and marketing plan designed after growing conversion rate visitors to potential customers.